Pressmaster Production Studio
Production of photographs, videos, and audio tracks that the largest media creative agencies and brands from all over the world purchase and use.

what we’ve built

Dragon images
Production studio located in Vietnam that specializes in producing stock photos with an Asian touch and also arranges customized commercial shoots.
Clique! Studio
Shooting authentic and creative photographs for advertising.Pictures by the production studio Clique! stand out against the prevalent visual background as they look organic.
Everypixel Studio
Production company for business. We produce photo, video, and audio content that are perfect solutions to the customer’s requirements.
Everypixel Search Engine
Global search tool across all photo stock images. Due to neural networks, this service automatically curates images and filters outdated snaps out.
Products in process
Service for automatic simultaneous upload of photo and video content to 17 photo stocks. Moreover, DAM-system tools provide analytical results on sales of uploaded files.
Services in process
R&D team that focuses on developing computer vision solutions for Everypixel and tackles business problems on demand.
Tech in process
Neural network for assessing the aesthetics of mobile photographs.
Aesthetics AI
Algorithm for evaluating the aesthetics of commercial photos and filtering poor-quality images out.
Tech in process
Keywording AI
Neural network that describes objects in videos, illustrations, and photographs.
Tech in process
Invisible digital watermark to protect images. This technology is used to fix and check copyrights.
Anti-School Korpus
Post-Industrial Sciences School and startup accelerator for 16-21-year-old young men.